When life changes, let your dreams grow

November 20, 2013 — Leave a comment
Even though your life may change, doesn't mean your dreams stop.

When life changes, let your dreams grow, not go.

How quickly life changes.  I remember when my wife and I got married, it seemed like we had all the time in the world. Once we had our son, life got a bit crazier. Now, we have a beautiful baby girl.  I knew that once our daughter was born, that my time and focus would shift from pursuing my dreams to my wonderful reality.   Too many times, I’ve let life run me over like a freight train. I’ve realized that through proper planning and execution, life doesn’t have to be any more crazy than it’s suppose to be.

In preparation for our daughter’s birth, I had numerous blog posts written and ready, so I could focus on what mattered most, without neglecting my blogging. I didn’t really know what to expect on the time-management side of things. I figured that I’d have time throughout the day to read and write, and prepare my blogs and videos. But, life doesn’t always work out like you plan.

The reason for the dream, powers it

When we are pursuing our dreams, it’s not always at the most convenient times. Our bodies are so used to “comfort” that when we try to stretch or forge our ways into something new, it freezes us with stress, doubt or worry. Well, before my daughter’s birth I was writing and working on my dream throughout the day, and now? I now write and read and work late at night when my family is asleep.  10pm is my new “Time to pursue writing, speaking prep and reading” and it usually lasts till about 2 am.

The first night that I noticed myself staying up late, I actually questioned myself. “You’re going to be exhausted in the morning.” But, then something changed. I realized the MOMENT to work on my dream was NOW. We don’t always get to control all the moments throughout our day, but when life presents us with an opportunity to be great, to be better, take it.   Opportunities to be better sometimes pass so quickly that we forget them with the passing thought.  No matter the circumstances that fill up your day, or the worries that cloud your mind, push through and HOLD tightly to your dream.  Protect your dream, and think of it often. And, when a moment is presented for you to share your dream, or grow your dream, do it. Allow your dream to take over THAT moment. Eventually, your dream will become your reality as long as you work hard, and embrace greatness.

I’m living my dream of being a father and a husband, and continuing to find ways to challenge myself to be a better me. And just because my life has changed and is now filled with a beautiful baby girl, it doesn’t mean it’s time to stop pursuing my dreams, it just means that the reason behind the dream is THAT much more important.  In the end, it’s the REASON for the dream, that POWERS it through life.

What’s your dreams?


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