How to use fear to accomplish your goals

February 10, 2015 — Leave a comment

In life, we are confronted daily with choices. Each choice lends itself to a new set of other choices or opportunities. We may turn left at some forks, right at others, but through it all, we are progressing in life towards some inevitable end. Some may be as simple as what we are going to eat for lunch, but others can be much greater. How much focus do we place upon our choices in life?

Lately I have been struggling with fear. I’ve actually come to realize that when waking up each morning, by the time I’m in the shower, fear has already entered my mind. What does this mean? What instills fear in our minds at such an early hour? Change. Life does not like change, nor does our mind encourage it. When our bodies or minds anticipate great change happening or occurring, they freeze up in hopes of stopping whatever is going on. This is fear.

When making decisions and choices on the path of life, fear will creep in and try to get you to stop. And if you’re trying to do something very different, expect fear to attempt and knock you off that horse your riding.

So, what can we do to avoid fear? Run. Run for your goals. Run for your GREATER life. Do not embrace fear as though it’s a friend that deserves your time. Fear is a TIME thief. It has no purpose but to STOP you from reaching your goals and true potential. If you know the “WHY” in your goals, then FEAR has no place in your life. Commit to the person you want to become, and knock down every detour, obstacle or scary thought that jumps in your way. Will you be able to avoid fear? No. But, without fear we wouldn’t actually find worth in what we are doing. Fear, while not your friend, is validation that you are doing something different.

It’s okay to be afraid of change. It’s okay to think at times that your goals are impossible, but realize that these are only thoughts. Fear is only a passing feeling. At times I’ve forgotten how terrible fear is, only to be held hostage by its empty threats, terrible scenarios, and outlandish words. Don’t forget fear. Fight it. Don’t forget your purpose…declare it. We are made to be so much greater than we currently are. Have faith that things can get better, and trust in the path in which you travel to reach your true purpose. Boom.

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