Two weeks into my 60 Day Challenge

March 17, 2014 — Leave a comment

After nearly 14 days of solid training and exercise, my results are in!  But first, I want to share with you what I’ve learned since starting this challenge. Typically when I start anything I have high hopes and expectations of great things, but for this challenge since my focus was mostly on becoming a better person, I was pretty open.

One major thing I believe everyone should do who’s trying to get healthier is to control every aspect of your life that you can, and to prepare. For instance, my food regime is very specific, and I quickly realized that if I didn’t prepare my food the night before, that it was more likely I wouldn’t eat exactly the way I should. So….rule #1: Food prep.

While planning and controlling seem like simple things, another aspect of this challenge that I’ve struggled with is finding the time to work out. With having a full time job, plus a full house at home, I cannot guarantee that I’ll work out at the same time every day, nor that I’ll have the right amount of time necessary to get everything in. So, again, the focus is prepping and preparing. After two weeks of my challenge I’m changing some things up. I cannot put my working out to chance, especially when some days require running in addition to my regime. So, for the next two weeks I’ll be working out every morning before I go to work. This is the only way I can guarantee that I’ll get the workouts in. I’m excited for this aspect of the challenge, and hoping for great things.

When I went to Peak Nutrition last week to get all my results rechecked, I was very pleased that I had some positive changes. While the results were not as good as I hoped, at least it was a start.

My body fat % went down 1% to 29.5%. My weight went up .5 pounds and I gained 2 pounds of muscles. For the next two weeks I’ve also shifted up my supplements a little bit, but my diet will remain the same.

I’ll be positing my two-week photos later today. While this challenge has definitely been a lot more challenging than I expected, I can already tell it’s making me a better person. I’m feeling better, I’m sleeping better, and I’m keeping a more positive attitude. Even though I battled a cold the first two weeks, I’m happy with my results, and looking forward to DOMINIATING the next two weeks. Keep watching and checking my Facebook page for daily updates. Boom.


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