Show the world who YOU are

September 10, 2013 — Leave a comment
Show the world who YOU are, not let the world define you.

Show the world who YOU are,  do not let the world define you.


We only have one chance at this life. There are no do overs, no second chances, no mulligans. Always remember that each step you take is the only time you can make that decision.  It’s not worth wasting your time questioning a past step. We get so wrapped up in the past that we neglect to live the present. Who do you want to be? Do you want to be someone that always worries about what they did? Or someone that embraces what they do?

Embrace today, and hope that it’s the best for tomorrow. I think that if people truly realized the greatness of the gift of choice, they would choose their decisions better, their steps.  I don’t’ know where I see myself in 5 years, let alone one month.  But I do have hope that it’ll be where I’m supposed to be. I hope to be a better person, and I strive to be one daily. We all have our failings, and we can either let them be a handicap that holds us back, or merely a hurdle we need to overcome. For in overcoming something, you change and become something greater. I hope that one day my writings or actions may inspire others to take the challenge and better themselves. The focus simply needs to be on that “one next step”. In the time it takes to make a step, like a second, think how much POWER you have to stay the course or change direction. We are faced with so many choices throughout the day that define who we are.  Define yourself.

The world will always try to define us, but we must be strong and SHOW the world who we are.

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