Rules for the 60 Day Challenge

March 2, 2014 — Leave a comment
You are destined for greatness.

You are destined for greatness.


  • Follow Diet & workout routine perfectly
  • Weigh Self once a week
  • Get Body Fat Checked at Peak every 2 weeks.
  • Keep Food, Exercise & Sleep Diary
  • Share progress, meals, workouts socially
  • Limit TV, Facebook & Other things, and turn that time into focusing on family and being the best YOU can be
  • Drink over 1 Gallon of Water a day
    • Drink 20 Ounces upon waking
    • Consume at least 1g of Protein per pound you weigh.
    • Take Supplements Daily
    • Weekly inventory of how I’m feeling, sleeping, cravings, ect.
    • Lifestyle Changes (14 Day rotation)
      • NO liquid calories
      • NO fast food
      • NO fries or chips
      • Daily Routine
        • Upon waking:
          • 100 Pushups, 100 Sit-ups, 50 burpees
          • Surround myself digitally and socially with only positive people/things
          • BOOM: Do your best in every moment.

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