Reviews of Days 19, 20 and 21! BOOM!

October 27, 2014 — Leave a comment

Review of Day 19:  Think 5 years back and imagine a different life.

How many times do we say, “I wish I would have did this 5 years ago?” I think it a lot. I wish I had started working out when I was younger; I wish I had gone back to school, etc. etc. But, while it may be fun to think what could have been, we need to appreciate where we are. I noticed myself taking this challenge and thinking of many things I could have changed, and thinking that they would make my life so much better. But, the reality is we do not know how much a specific change, no matter how great or small, will impact our present lives. For instance, one can say, “I wish I would have started working out five years ago.” I can assert that I would probably be in better shape, and have a healthier lifestyle. But, we cannot just focus on the positive potentials; we must also acknowledge the potential negatives. For instance, if I would have been more focused on working out, maybe I never would have met my future wife? Maybe I would have neglected other areas of my life? The truth is: we can’t change the past, we can only remember it. But, one thing we can do is chart a path for 5 years from now. We can implement changes in our daily life that will lead us to our goals. Today’s challenge was not about looking back, but about looking forward. How did the YOU of 5 years ago live that you wished you did or didn’t? What are things you would have wanted yourself to do then? Well, are you doing them now? Focus on today and make goals for tomorrow. BOOM!


Review of Day 20: Live today as if it were your last.

Well, this was an interesting day. No, I didn’t go and max out credit cards or do anything illegal. But, I did give more time to those closest to me. I stepped away from the daily issues and focused on what meant the most to me. At one point or another in our lives we get trapped within the bustling’s of business, or sports or television, and we forget that right in front of us is life, our life. My life is not about my job or what committee I may serve on, my life is about the love I share with those I meet.


Day 21: Use your gifts to help someone else.

We are all blessed with certain things that we are good at. Whether you’re really good at sports, or have a high intelligence, those attributes make you special. Today I was able to share my talent of singing with a family who’s father died recently. It was a very sad occasion, but I was thankful to serve and offer up the talent that God has given me.

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