Reviews of Day 10 – 16!

October 24, 2014 — Leave a comment

Review of day 10: Surprise my wife

This challenge, along with a few others, really made me rethink how I treat others. I am surrounded by some amazing people, and I know that at times life gets hectic and I don’t show my love as much as I should.  How did I surprise my wife? I gave her a book that she’s been wanting. While this may seem like a very simple surprise, it helped me to realize I need to refocus my attention back onto my family.  Boom!


Review of day 11: Do something special for your parents

Today I invited my parents over for dinner. I made one of my favorite meals to cook, and truly enjoyed having them over. We ate and talked and spent time with my kids and wife. This challenge helped me to realize that life should be filled with enjoying those closest to you and making sure they know it. I have always enjoyed throwing parties and having people over, but cooking for my parents was a huge honor and a great time.


Review of day 12: Do not allow someone else to stop YOU from being you. Challenge yourself to rise above your insecurities and be you for you. No one else controls your happiness. You do

Boy this was a big challenge. I’ve heard people say that ‘you control your own happiness’ or, “don’t give anyone the power to make you feel less.” The realization here is that we all possess the power within ourselves to stand strong and be ourselves, if nothing else. It’s seems that one of the most basic traits of our person should be the ability to believe in who we are, and where we’ve been, and thus allow that knowledge to lead us forward. No one can take away or change our past, so why let them hurt your present? This challenge was not about confronting a bully or anything like that, but rather it was about confronting the ‘doubt’ in our minds that stops us from achieving greatness.


Review of Day 13: Do something out of the normal

Today I challenged myself to mediate while in the car. While I did have phone calls I had to make at times, the rule was that if I wasn’t on the phone, then I couldn’t listen to music or anything. This challenge helped me to slow the day down and make intentional actions. It’s seems that most of the days are so Go Go Go that I forget to breath. This challenge helped me to do just that.


Review of Day 14: Change up your routine for the day. If you usually wake up at 7, try to wake up at 6. If you usually go out for lunch, bring your lunch. If you usually watch tv at night, do something different. Try to break up your schedule today and see what happens!

Though I had to sneak out of bed, today I woke up at 5am. Back when I was studying to be a priest it was normal for me to be up at 5:00am most days for prayers and formation, however, since leaving the seminary I have always struggled to return to this early hour. My thoughts? I LOVED IT!  I really enjoy waking up early and getting a head start on the day. Whether I read, or write a blog or simply watch the news, this time allows me to wake up and Carpe Diem (Seize the day).  I’m going to set a goal to wake up this early every week day.


Review of Day 15: No texting or Messaging

How hard can it be to not text for a day? How much is texting or messaging a part of our lives? This challenge was not extremely difficult, but highly rewarding. I try to be very intentional with my actions and words, because I want people to know that I value them and the conversation. But, it is so easy nowadays to simply text as opposed to call. Heck, I’ve found myself at times silencing a phone call only to text them “what’s up?”. Today I made it a point to CALL rather than TEXT. It was a great learning experience. Did you try it?


Review of Day 16: Do something YOU want to do

As I described on the webpage when I posted this, this challenge is not necessarily about doing something TODAY, but rather, setting the ball in motion. Well, I set the ball in motion for doing something I’ve always wanted to do. While it did take a few phone calls and meetings, and networking, I’m happy to say that the ball is in motion. More on this another time.

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