Review: Days 23 – 27.

October 28, 2014 — Leave a comment

Review of Day 23: Do one random act of kindness

A lot of times I get stuck in the mentality “Go big or go home.” As you may know, I rarely do anything partly or slowly, I’m usually ALL in or nothing. So, when I saw this challenge, I was thinking of all these HUGE things I could do to help people. I could buy a family dinner, I could get my Dad a new dog. The ideas were endless! But, when reality struck I realized that a random act of kindness is just that, it’s random. It must come from a natural and simple part of our being that pulls us to do something more. How many times have you walked by an old lady struggling to put her groceries in her car and helped her? How many times have you seen someone who’s car gets stuck in the road and help push it to the side? These are SIMPLE things we all can do. These are things that this challenge was made for: Random acts of kindness. They don’t have to be huge and theatrical, but they do have to be done with love. It’s all about people helping people.


Review of Day 24: Reach out to someone you admire

This challenge required us to reach out to someone you admire that you have never met personally. Whether this person is an actor, or writer, or the Pope, today’s challenge was about making that first step. I realized that in writing my letter I was overcome with excitement wondering: Will I get a response? Will they even read it? If we don’t ask, we will never know. This world is filled with so many wise and great people, don’t’ ever be afraid to ask: You never know what you’ll hear back.


Review of Day 25: Learn something new

If you’re not learning, you’re not growing. I think I’ve heard that before, but I couldn’t find the reference. Well, today’s challenge helped me to realize that no matter where we are in life, we can always learn something new. We can either focus this task upon learning something specific, or we can allow life to throw crazy things in our path and learn from our experiences. In challenging ourselves to learn we are 1st: saying that we don’t know everything and 2nd: saying I want to be something MORE than I currently am. What did you learn today?


Review of Day 26: Figure out your biggest vice and overcome it

While this challenge may seem easier said than done, this is not meant to be the end all be all, but it’s the starting point. If you’re biggest vice is smoking, then set a path towards quitting. If you’re biggest vice is being an aggressive tap dancer, then take steps (ha, get the pun?) to tap dance less. Whereever you are in life, you’re not perfect, and you realize it. And, in realizing that you’re not perfect you know that there are particular things that slow you down and stop you from achieving certain realistic goals. How’d your day go?


Review of Day 27: When something bothers you today, just bite your tongue.

Wow, talk about timing. Yesterday I had to figure out my biggest vice and take steps to fix it, now today you’re telling me to bite my tongue? Life is never predictable, and no matter how many times we may feel we know what is going to happen, we can’t control every variable. When I was growing up my Mom used to say “Let Go and Let God.” Just because you may be faced with a difficult situation, or a frustrating moment, it doesn’t mean you always have to respond an arm for an arm. Today made me think twice before I responded to things because I didn’t want to respond in anger. Life’s too short to be a jerk, don’t forget that.

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