Review of Day 5: Focus on your needs not your wants.

October 7, 2014 — Leave a comment

This challenge made me rethink a lot of the things I do. Am I truly doing things I need to be doing? Do I really need something? Or, are these just a bunch of wants? Deciphering between the needs and wants of a day can be challenging. I tried to think of “what is best for me” or “will this make me a better person”. While not every want or need is black or white, we should refocus on the choices we make to insure they are truly in line with our goals and purpose. I may “want” a Dominos Pizza, but I know that if my goal is to lose weight then this “want” is not needed for my goals. Always reassess your current situation and choices to make sure that you are truly focused on where you’re going, not just where you are at currently.

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