Review of Day 1: 31 days to a better you!

October 2, 2014 — Leave a comment

My son, Carson, helping me keep my focus while doing push-ups.

The first challenge was to not say ‘no’ to my son, Carson. While on the surface this seemed like a very simple challenge, it ended up being an extremely eye opening experience. Once my son came home from day care I asked him what he wanted to do. We went and played ball, played with his cars and went on adventures. When he wanted a snack he got a snack, if he wanted chocolate milk he got chocolate milk. I made it a point not to have my cell phone by me while I was playing, I wanted to make sure he got all of my attention. I noticed that after an hour he wanted to go off on his own and play with blocks by himself. This was fine. One thing I realized was that Carson getting ALL of my attention right when he got home from day care meant the world to him (as it did to me). As the night progressed I noticed a new sense of peace within him, and he was much more cuddly and calm. I don’t know if this was all because I played with him more intently, but I am definitely going to be making this a part of my daily routine.

We only have so much time with our children when they are so young and dependent upon us. We must make every moment count, and make sure they realize that they matter to us.

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