Results: What Did I learn from my 31 Days of Challenges?

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Life is far too precious to let moment’s slip by, and let days become years of routine

Life is far too precious to let moment’s slip by, and let days become years of routine

Throughout my 31 Days to a Better You challenge I faced many new obstacles and detours. Our lives can so easily turn into a routine, that we forget that each moment is irreplaceable and precious. As I look back at each of the challenges, I can say that I’m proud of what I accomplished. So many times I can preach “Live in the Moment” or “Be the best you” or “Push yourself to be something better”, but how many times do I practice what I preach? This challenge MADE me put my money where my mouth is and act. We are judged not by our hopes or dreams, but by our actions and words. Life is far too precious to let moment’s slip by, and let days become years of routine.  This challenge not only helped me to BE a better me, but it helped me to realize who I am. By analyzing my actions and words, I was forced to face some scary realities like: What is your biggest vice or don’t second-guess yourself. And in doing that, I was able to differentiate between who I am, and who I project myself to be to others. Many times in my life I would conform to be liked. Conformity doesn’t allow one to be a better you, but a worse you. Each time you conform to another’s thinking or thought without actually thinking about it, you LOSE yourself in the process; you become more like someone else, rather than becoming a better you.

So, the main thing I learned throughout this challenge is to BE YOU! Don’t just think that you are going to just BE YOU, actually BE YOU and believe in it. Do NOT ever let anyone make you feel like you are worthless or not as worthy of respect. If you view life in the grand scheme of things, we are all beings trying to do the same thing: live our lives. So realize, it is YOUR life to be lived, not anyone else’s. When life throw’s you a curve ball, react, respond and reflect, but most importantly do it as only you can. Many of these points below hit hard into many aspects of my life. But, that’s what life is about: constantly challenging yourself to be something better. If you’re not moving you’re standing still, and if you’re standing still you might as well be like the Tin Man from Wizard of Oz. Don’t be a Tin Man in your life. Be the best you can be because that’s why you were created. You weren’t made to be the best Will Smith or Justin Bieber; you weren’t made to be the best Ozzie Smith or Brett Hall. You were made to be the best YOU. Now, go out and be you. Don’t worry what other’s think. Don’t wait for your friends to encourage you or for your spouse to give you a pat on the back, just do it. And, if whatever you are doing is truly meant to be than those closest to you will see that and join you on the journey. Life is not a lonely road that you are pushed along by others, but a path of self-discovery, sacrifice and success that only you can achieve. At the end of the day there will always be great people like St. John Paul II and George Washington. Don’t strive to be them, take the greatness that they held and carry their torch on your own path. Light up your life with YOUR inspiration, love and imagination. Thank you for joining me on this journey. Now go, light the world on fire.

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Here’s the TOP 15 Things I learned:

  1. Don’t worry about what other people think of you.
  2. Don’t let anyone tell you what you can or can’t do.
  3. Believe in yourself.
  4. Spend time with your loved ones.
  5. Cherish every moment.
  6. Put down your phone.
  7. Don’t’ worry, believe.
  8. Always have a list of goals.
  9. Be open to differing opinions.
  10. Love like you’ll never get hurt (Yes, life can be sappy)
  11. Don’t compare yourself to anyone but yourself.
  12. Do not rely on other’s encouragement to do something.
  13. Chase your dreams because they are yours, not anyone else’s.
  14. You have an opportunity in every interaction to be better.
  15. Be a person that builds other’s up, not tears people down.

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