The ONE thing you NEED to start your goals

February 3, 2015 — Leave a comment
Every journey starts with a single step. Initiate your life.

Every goal begins with a single step. Initiate your life.

I’ve spoken previously about the different levels needed to achieve a goal. You need to be passionate about what you’re doing, you need to have motivation, and you need to have a plan. All three of those things help to push, carry, and pull your goal through the cliffs of life’s challenges. But the question remains: if one has motivation, passion and a plan, don’t they have everything they need to be successful? The short answer: No.

            In life, whether we are talking about goals or about doing chores around the house, the task at hand is simple: get something done. I have 30 resolutions for this year and have been working at them nearly every day. But an interesting struggle arose with regards to a few of them, and I had to reevaluate. I have the motivation. I have a plan, and it’s something I’m passionate about, but yet, no action. What gives Charlie?

You can tell yourself time and time again that you’re going to read a book. You can set the time aside, find a book you’re really interested in, and still, not read. Why? Well, because there seems to be a barrier in our minds that stops us from acting upon our goals. It’s one thing to dream about doing something. It’s a completely different thing to actually do it. So, how do we overcome this hurdle? You jump. Jump right into your goals. I once read somewhere when waking up early that you should just jump out of bed as your alarm goes off, and start working on your goals before your mind has a chance to stop you.

            We can be our best cheerleaders or worst blockers for our goals. The focus on achieving goals is to overcome the hurdles WE place in our path so that we can jump over the hurdles that life places down the road. Reading a book isn’t difficult. Waking up early isn’t impossible. So don’t let YOURSELF limit YOUR potential. You were born to be great, now do it.

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