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The future starts NOW.

Over the past eight months I’ve challenged, pushed and changed myself to be something better. In life, we are given numerous opportunities to choose the path less traveled, but more times than not, we choose the path of least resistant. Today, that ends.

Finding meaning in life has always been at the forefront of my days. My moments are filled with the hope that I am doing things to the BEST of my ability, in hopes of becoming a better person, and towards the service of others.  Most recently I finished a personal challenge to get into the best shape of my life, while the busiest. Although that challenge ended nearly two weeks ago, my life has been forever better and more aligned towards health. Do I see myself becoming a fitness model or world-renowned bodybuilder? No. But what I do see is myself continuing on the path towards health and fitness because it allows me to become a better person. Many people have asked me how I came up with the idea for a 60-day challenge. Well, it’s pretty simple. I had a goal to get into great shape, and I knew that my life was filled with a full house, a full time job, and stress filling in the rest. I knew that I could say to anyone what was currently going on in my life, and they would say “you’ve got a lot going on, why don’t you just relax.” I knew that my ‘excuses’ would be accepted by all. But not this time. I was not going to allow my life to dictate my path. I pushed through my fears and unknowns and developed a plan to achieve my goals.

In life we are always faced with opposition and struggle. There will always be stress, and pain and fear. But, one thing that there will not always be is time. Many times we put off our goals or dreams because we feel there isn’t enough time. “We’ll do it later”, we tell ourselves. But, what if there isn’t a later?  What if later means never?  Over the past months I have realized how blessed I am.   God has truly blessed me with a passion to motivate and inspire people. And, it is through that passion that I announce the next step of my journey.


Life Coaching:


Have you ever struggled with achieving your goals or dreams? Have you had a burning desire to accomplish ONE thing, but find yourself failing over and over again?   My goal is to help people achieve their goals through motivation, inspiration and coaching. If you have a goal in mind, I want to HELP you achieve it. My coaching is modeled from my 60-Day Challenge to get into the best shape of your life while the busiest. While the world may allow you to make excuses, I will not. I believe in the potential that everyone has inside themselves to be great. Allow my coaching to actualize your greatness. Within 60 days I want YOU to step back and say, “Wow, look what I’ve achieved. Look where I’ve come!”

If you have a goal in mind or a dream you want to be actualized, reach out to me.  I am only opening this service to a select number of people, and they will get my 100% focus and attention.  The first step is the hardest, but it doesn’t have to be. You don’t have to do it alone.



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