Who do you look up to?

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Who do you look up to? Who looks up to you?

Who do you look up to? Who looks up to you?

Why do people look up to others? Is it because of their looks? Is it because they have fame, power or skill? Each person has his or her very specific reason(s) for admiring another person. But, one thing I find most people admire about others is the other person’s virtue, or actuality.  View the multitudes of people we encounter on a daily basis: whether it is the person who makes our coffee, or the news reporter who gives us the weather. Each person is gifted with certain traits and attributes that they can either use for the betterment of society, or the determent of self.  For instance, think about whom the majority follow or admire: Take for example Justin Bieber or Tom Cruise: both of them are very popular, and are known throughout the world. But why are they known? Is it because one is a singer and the other an actor? Or, what if they are well known not merely for their movies and songs, but because they have achieved what every one desires: fulfillment of abilities.

Now revisit whom you admire most. Is it because they have possibly figured out what they’re supposed to do? What they’re supposed to be? So many times people question their life choices that they never take the next step.

Successful people are successful because they have figured out what they want to be, but more so, what they are suppose to be. In philosophy you learn about the potential, and the actual. Every person has the potential for greatness, but if they never take that step they’ll never know what they’ve missed. Who’s to say that the movie stars, politicians, CEOs, and other famous people figured out what they wanted to be in life, and took the step.

There are many great quotes about success, but one that I hold dear is, “Success isn’t dependent upon those who surround you, but rather, those who surround you depend upon your success.” If you keep that mindset, I believe you’ll realize that life’s choices are much greater than you think. We are gifted with many opportunities to shine through the darkness and lead, but how many times do we simply hide in the shadows?

What if for every moment you chose to be the best? What if you tried to actualize your potential every chance you had? After a while, I believe you’d start becoming a better more actualized person.

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