Life is happening at every moment

October 29, 2013 — 3 Comments
Sometimes it's the simple moments in life, that become the most memorable.

Sometimes it’s the simple moments in life, that become the most memorable.

The easiest time to relax is when life is calm. The easiest time to think is when life is silent. The best time to live is now. Our lives get so crazy at times, that we forget that each moment is a part of our life: whether busy or slow, hectic or calm, it’s life.  I find myself coming back to the issue of “now” time and time again. Our lives get crazy, and it’s almost like we forget that we’re living it until the craziness calms down and we’re like, “WOW! I can’t believe that happened.” I’ve found myself doing that more times now, than ever before in my life. Is it just a way our bodies handle crazy times, we sort of just ‘fast forward’ through moments? No matter what the case is, I don’t want to fast forward through my life.

It seems that life dictates that we wait 5 years before proceeding to our next step. For example, say you’re wanting to go back to school, some times our minds push us to wait a bit for the time to be right. Or, say we need to lose a few pounds, our minds tell us to wait till after the holidays, Or, we want to achieve our dreams, our bodies and minds team up to give us a number of excuses and reasons to why we aren’t ready, to why we shouldn’t do it now.

Change is hard. New is different. But, in it all, at the end of our lives, no matter how fast our moments may pass by, no matter how long we wait to achieve our dreams, our life is happening all around us.

I spent Sunday lying in bed with my wife and 2-year-old son as they napped. As I lay there, I thought of how much CHANGE happens in life. In less than two weeks, my wife is going to deliver our daughter, and our simple family is growing.  A tear rolled down my face as I watched them sleep. Just 23 months ago we were blessed with our beautiful son Carson.  Where once he was just a baby, now he’s grown into a wild, running and happy little boy.

Take time to count your blessings today, because too often when we WANT to count them, it’s too late.




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  1. So true! You ARE blessed, and even better, you realize and appreciate it!