If given everything, could you achieve your goals?

January 28, 2015 — Leave a comment
The gap between your dreams and your current reality is not huge.

The gap between your dreams and your current reality is not huge.

If you had a goal in mind, would you do whatever it takes to accomplish it? Further, if I could tell you right now what YOU needed to do to achieve that goal, would you or could you do it? You would like to say ‘yes, of course’, but the sad reality is that many people choose ‘no’. We get so comfortable being how we are, that we are not even able to conceptualize life being different, let alone enact changes to make it greater. That gap between reality and dreams is not huge. Our mind may want us to think that, but it’s not. However, in that gap it holds everything we are afraid of: our fears, our past failings, our future failings, and our honest comfort with life as it is.

Take for example losing weight: If you want to lose weight, the solution is simple. But, why are so many people out of shape? Why are there fitness clubs nearly every five blocks? Why is there always a new ‘secret’ diet plan or fat shredding workout? It’s because people sometimes need to exit their realm in order to pursue their dreams. People need to leave their houses and workout at a gym. People need to distance themselves from those parts of themselves they’re striving to improve. Until you break the cycle and get uncomfortable, you’ll never change, you’ll never improve and you won’t have ANYONE to blame but yourself. So, take charge of yourself and your life, and make your dreams and goals a reality. Show the world that it IS possible.

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