Are you entitled?

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Are you entitled? Work hard to get what you NEED. Never give up.

Are you entitled? Work hard to get what you NEED. Never give up.

Do you feel entitled? It seems that technology and television is always coming out with the “next big thing”, on how to get rich or how to improve ourselves. It seems as though our current society and culture has a “want it now” mentality, as opposed to  “work it now, get it when ready” mentality. Take for instance the numerous Weight Loss pills; get rich quick schemes, and other things that attempt to satisfy our desires NOW, as opposed to waiting.  What happens when we have a culture that expects what they want, when they want it, as opposed to when they’ve earned it? Some people like to call parts of this group as the “entitled” generation. They claim that these individuals expect everything now, without working at it or sacrificing.  Now, there’s always multiple ways to view the same thing, correct? Well, when I hear of people call those in my generation “Entitled”, it makes me smile. Because I, like most of my friends, do not feel entitled. We work hard for what we want, and sacrifice to get to where we want to get. That’s the blessing that can be found in our generation. When people around you are offering a half effort, give it your all. When those around you aren’t willing to put in the work, work double time. When those around you want to give up and play games, go out and work even harder. It’s simple: Work hard, Stay Focused, and Get to where you NEED to be, so you can do what you WANT to do.


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