Do you hide yourself from the world?

October 30, 2013 — Leave a comment


The truth will set you free.

The truth will set you free.

How many times are you misunderstood? How many times are you overlooked? We don’t know how many times these things happen, but one thing I’ve realized through my trials and tribulations is that there is NO hiding who you truly are. If you’re an optimist it will come out, if you’re an academic it will come out. We may not know all of the doubts people have about us, we may not know all the times we are misunderstood, but what we do know is that DEEP down we are pushing, and fighting, and struggling to be the best person we can be! And THAT is what life is all about!

In the fight, the pushing, and the struggling of life we build a habit towards sharing ourselves. And, with habit comes consistency, and with consistency builds character. So, share yourself. Be misunderstood. Be passed over. But, through it all: be yourself. Those who are meant to know you will know you. Those who are meant to understand you will understand you.

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