Day 9: Focus on faith today.

October 9, 2014 — Leave a comment
Let faith guide you.

Let faith guide you.

An area that I rarely write about, but is of utmost importance to me, is my faith. As a person who was formerly studying to be a Catholic Priest, my faith is the guiding force in my life. My relationship with God is what helps me be strong, though I may be afraid…it helps me push through, though I’d rather give up.  Whatever your faith may be, take today to remember it often. Within the multitude of phone calls, text messages and priorities, many times I forget to slow down and thank God for everything that He has given me, and does for me. Today’s challenge is to remember to pray throughout the day, and this evening to pray with my family.  Whether you want to pray a family rosary, read the bible, or simply sit and give thanks, make it a priority.

What’s your faith?


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