Day 9: Believing in yourself. Believe you are great

August 13, 2013 — Leave a comment

Sometimes we can be our worst critics. How many times do you find yourself not doing something because you don’t think you can do it? How many times have you not tried something for fear of failure? Every day we have the CHOICE and the ABILITY to do GREAT things. Or, we can do not-so-great things. But, when you’re doing things, are you doing them because you want to? ┬áBy no means am I saying that people do many things because they are forced to do them, but what I’m getting at is: if you believe in yourself what’s stopping you from being great? Great actions make great people. More so, great people are great because they CHOOSE to do great things, and believe they are great. ((Yeah..I realize that was a lot of greats…but do you get it)?)

As I said in the beginning, we can be our worst critics. We can stop ourselves from working out, we can stop ourselves from taking that chance to be awesome, and we can stop ourselves from being or doing anything. But, what if you chose to be great? What if whenever life put a hurdle in your way you chose to be awesome? What if everyone did that? How different would the world be? It seems that our culture and society have allowed us to accept being comfortable as a way of life. But, what if you focused on becoming better? Better may not always be comfortable, but better will always lead you to a greater you.

Take a chance. Believe in yourself. Write it down. Set a date. And BOOM! Make that your goal for 1 whole day: Believe you are great. See what happens. I’m sure you won’t regret it.

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