Day 28 – 31 Reviews

November 3, 2014 — Leave a comment

Day 28: Brighten someone’s day today. Say something encouraging, motivate someone to push themselves.

Many times we get so focused on our own lives and responsibilities that we forget that there are other people out there. There are people in this world, in your life that need motivation and need uplifting. We will never understand all the trials and tribulations that people deal with on a daily basis, but we can do our part to brighten a person’s day, rather than darken it. We can uplift, rather than scold and tear down. We have an opportunity in every interaction to better someone’s moment, don’t waste it.


Day 29: Set 1 goal towards being a better you, and act.


A lot of times I find myself struggling to comprehend how I can achieve a specific goal. But, then I sit back and remember the first time ( and only) I ever ran a ½ marathon. It’s scary to stand at the starting point and think that I have 13.5 miles to run. But, if you break it down into stages, like miles or even down to steps, it makes it more manageable. When setting goals we can’t just think of the end result and be afraid of journey, but must look at each step. I’ve known people that were up to their heads in credit card debt and could never think of their life without that monthly minimum payment. But, after they set an approach and CHANGED their routine they were able to start knocking down that debt. When you set goals, realize, as I like to say a lot: the insanity rule. Don’t set the same goal over and over again, with the same routine, and expecting different results. You will fail: every, single, time. Change it up and see what you can do!


Day 30:  Journal

Whether you write about your joys or sorrows, successes or failures a journal is a great way to reflect. You know, for most of my life I’ve written in a journal from time to time. I would journal about life as a high school student living away from my family, or as a reflective tool regarding my faith and relationship with God. But, to be totally honest, I never really used journaling as an outlet for struggles. It wasn’t until I hit the challenge of “name your biggest vice and remove it from your life” that I found myself needing a new outlet for my life. In writing about my vice and the struggles I underwent (and still am dealing with) I was able to have an accountability partner in my vice. While I have my wonderful wife and friends to talk to whenever I need to, having a journal gave me a personal outlet to just write about whatever was on my mind. I’ve found in journaling, especially with regards to my vice-challenge, that each day I listed my struggles and progress, and now I can look back a week and see where I was a week ago. I can see how I’ve improved, and also where I need to grow. A journal allows us to have a written account of anything we want. Keep it for your kids, keep it for yourself, or keep it for the trash. But either way: know it’s there.


Day 31: Today’s challenge is to list 31 things that make YOU special.

Looking at our lives and ourselves requires a humility that allows us to not only point out the flaws, but also the positive attributes that make us who we are. In challenging ourselves to write 31 things that make us special we are FORCING ourselves to THINK about ourselves, and listing ONLY the positive things. We all have 31 things that make us great; write it, remember it, re read it.

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