Day 2 recap

August 6, 2013 — 3 Comments

Hey guys,

Here’s the video for day 2. It was a great day with a lot of challenges and goals. Alright…now I gotta get ready for the day tomorrow.

Thanks for watching!



3 responses to Day 2 recap

  1. Charlie, you are absolutely right about never giving up. We all need to fight the good fight and to finish the race. My favorite Greek word is hupomonae which means steadfast endurance . Success and passion go hand in hand and one without the other is just plain lacking. You will succeed Charlie and I look forward to your words of wisdom tomorrow. Blessings! Aunt Bobbie

  2. So I’m following along, as many people might be, based at first on the intrigue of your project. I LOVED your message today though, that successful people are driven to keep moving forward despite not knowing exactly where you’re headed or how much farther you have to go. That was a message I needed to hear as I am working on my own sort of platform, too! Keep up the great work, I’m rooting for you!