How I changed the way I communicate with people

November 19, 2013 — 2 Comments
Do you text when you should talk? Think when you communicate.

Do you text when you should talk? Think when you communicate.

Social media allows us an opportunity to “look” into someone else’s life, without actually being a part of it. While we may at times get distracted and “people watch”, we need to be active in our life, and in our interactions with other people. As technology continues to advance, it’s almost as if people’s natural inclination towards personal interactions subsides.
A couple nights ago my wife and I wanted pizza for dinner. Instinctively, I asked her for the number, only to say “Never mind, I’ll just order it online.” No matter the case, no matter the interaction in life, we can either add to the personal connection, or take it away. A month ago I was thinking a lot about text messaging and how much social media almost diminishes the act of interaction. It’s so easy to send some one a text message now, that I’ve found myself at times silencing a call and immediately texting someone. Why?
The idea of social interaction is a strong part of who we are as humans. We are a relational being that feeds off of other people’s love, warmth and emotions. When we take away that person-to-person interaction, we begin to lose sight of what persons are.


How I changed the way I communicate

So, how did I remedy the idea of text messaging? You ready for this? I started mailing letters to people. Ask my wife; I was actually

Be intentional in your communications.

Be intentional in your communications.

really excited about this. I ordered stationery with my name on it, and nice little envelopes. I thought, “When was the last time I received a letter from someone just saying hello?” I started sending out letters. Actually, to be completely honest here, I got a Wax Seal with a “B” on it to seal my envelopes, so I went pretty medieval on my communications.
There is a time and place for each aspect of our communication, whether it be social media, phone calls, text messages, letter writing, carrier pigeons or face to face interactions, they each play a specific role in the evolution of communication, and our evolution as people.
I speak a lot about being intentional. That word actually was almost on my motto: “Be consistent. Be passionate. Be you.” Sometimes we are not intentional in our conversations. We get distracted by life, by phones, by TVs, that sometimes we space out during conversations and just nod in agreement.
Be present in your life. Be intentional in your communications.

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2 responses to How I changed the way I communicate with people

  1. Love this. I have been writing letters for a long time, and have really been more intentional about it over the last year. Exciting!