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Every journey starts with a single step. Initiate your life.

Every goal begins with a single step. Initiate your life.

I’ve spoken previously about the different levels needed to achieve a goal. You need to be passionate about what you’re doing, you need to have motivation, and you need to have a plan. All three of those things help to push, carry, and pull your goal through the cliffs of life’s challenges. But the question remains: if one has motivation, passion and a plan, don’t they have everything they need to be successful? The short answer: No.

            In life, whether we are talking about goals or about doing chores around the house, the task at hand is simple: get something done. I have 30 resolutions for this year and have been working at them nearly every day. But an interesting struggle arose with regards to a few of them, and I had to reevaluate. I have the motivation. I have a plan, and it’s something I’m passionate about, but yet, no action. What gives Charlie?

You can tell yourself time and time again that you’re going to read a book. You can set the time aside, find a book you’re really interested in, and still, not read. Why? Well, because there seems to be a barrier in our minds that stops us from acting upon our goals. It’s one thing to dream about doing something. It’s a completely different thing to actually do it. So, how do we overcome this hurdle? You jump. Jump right into your goals. I once read somewhere when waking up early that you should just jump out of bed as your alarm goes off, and start working on your goals before your mind has a chance to stop you.

            We can be our best cheerleaders or worst blockers for our goals. The focus on achieving goals is to overcome the hurdles WE place in our path so that we can jump over the hurdles that life places down the road. Reading a book isn’t difficult. Waking up early isn’t impossible. So don’t let YOURSELF limit YOUR potential. You were born to be great, now do it.

The things that make you special, and qualified, are the unique events that have lead you to where you are.

The things that make you special, and qualified, are the unique events that have lead you to where you are.

I was hanging out with a good priest friend recently, and he introduced me to someone as the ‘next BIG thing to help change the world’. As the person I was meeting looked at me confused, I explained that it was my hope to be the next Tony Robbins, but of motivation. At that point, my priest friend said, “No, we don’t need another Tony Robbins. We need a Charlie Backer, be you. That’s what people need. They need YOU.” That struck me.  By no means was I insisting that I wanted to be Tony Robbins, but in the moment of explaining our goals, I think it is easy to name-drop someone that has achieved something we want. If I ask a young hockey player what he wants to be when he grows up, he may say that he wants to be a hockey player like Brett Hull or Wayne Gretzky. Is there anything wrong with saying that? No. However, we cannot strive to be someone we are not. Tony Robbins got to where he is by his own actions, and more so, his own path in life.

Life does not have a map. Life does not have a GPS where you can simply put in your goals and BOOM you’ll get there. Life is about the struggle, the fear, the tears and the laughs that bring us to where we end up. If we constantly hide in the shadows of those we look up to, we will never achieve our greatness and leave our own shadow upon the world. I don’t want to be the next Tony Robbins. I want to be the first Charlie Backer. I want people to hear my name and find inspiration and motivation in my words and actions. I want to be able to speak, write and share things that uplift people. I want the person who feels like their world is crashing down to read one of my blogs and have a renewed belief in their life, and a hope for a better tomorrow. I want the struggling family that just lost their source of income to watch one of my videos and have the motivation to restart tomorrow refreshed and reenergized with the belief that they ARE worthy of so much more.

Life is not fair. But that doesn’t mean we can’t help each other out. 2015 will be the year I show you who the real Charlie Backer is. Love me or hate me, I hope you find inspiration and motivation to get to where you want to be, and where you need to be.

The best thing you can be is YOURSELF. Don’t strive to be someone else. It ain’t their life, it’s yours. Write that down. Boom.

Life passes by so quickly. Be you.

Life passes by so quickly. Be you.

2015 is just a few weeks away. How are you preparing for the New Year? Or, are you even preparing? Is it just another day on the calendar for you? 2014, for me, was a pivotal year of joy, sorrow, stress and excitement. I embraced numerous public challenges and accomplished them with somewhat ease. I shared my struggles and my goals, my hopes and my dreams with 100s of people.  I pushed myself to do things I never thought possible, and yet at the same time knew all along were capable. I realized that unless I step outside the box of self-comfort, that I would never truly be happy.

Our states of life are not dictated by the date on the wall or the age of our body, but in the actions and progress we make to attain greatness. When I was studying to be a Catholic Priest I read so many amazing and miraculous stories of saints and wondered: Could I ever achieve such greatness as sainthood? The simple answer is: Yes, sainthood is possible for everyone. But, with everyone, saints included, there are moments of greatness and weakness that pop up daily. The difference between saints and us, is first off: they’re dead, but secondly, they chose the path less traveled. It is so easy to fall into the crowd and walk with those around us in hopes that it leads us to greatness. But, in reality, to achieve personal greatness we must step outside our current self-made prisons and run with the passions and gifts that we have been given. In doing this, in reaching out and breaking from our current norm we will be able to see the sunrise of a new era of our lives. But, unless we do something different, nothing different will ever happen or change. You hear me talk a lot about the rule of insanity: doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results. I realized this past year that I was unhealthy and out of shape, and I had to get in better shape. Had it not been for me seeking out someone with knowledge on weightlifting and nutrition, I would still be where I was.  Our lives are not meant to be away from the crowd entirely, it’s not like all saints were hermits who lived by themselves. Rather, we are called to be ourselves within the crowd. Everyone has something special within themselves that makes them unique, and at the same time wonderful. I have met so many great people over this past year and I have realized the one thing that makes them all special: Self. They all acted like themselves, they challenged themselves, and they OWNED themselves. Sometimes when we meet people they act as though they are not comfortable in their own skin. They are afraid to speak for fear of offending someone. They are afraid to act for fear of upsetting someone. Well, let me be straight with you here: 2015 is a few weeks away, and pardon my language, but don’t give a shit what anyone thinks about you. NEVER let anyone’s thoughts of you STOP you from achieving the greatness that you are called to. NEVER let the possible fear of offending another stop you from taking the next step. The reality of life, and especially our current culture, is that people LOOK for reasons to be offended. Heck, I wouldn’t be surprised if people were offended that I just used a cuss word in my blog. The world is getting crazy, but you have to hold onto your SELF. It’s your SELF that makes you special. We need unique leaders, and people who are passionate to lead our generation to the next level. We need good people who want other’s lives to be better out there leading the charge. It’s so easy to become a prisoner of fear. Fear of offending others, fear of hurting others, fear of losing others, fear of harming others etc. But, when it comes down to it, that nature of the person is what will shine through the action. We are all ordered towards the good. So Stand up, believe in yourself, and if YOUR will be good, let it explode with all that you are and lead other’s to their greatness.

In closing: Take the next few weeks to figure out how YOU can be better. Not happy with your weight? Set a goal. Not happy with your job? Set a goal. Not happy with yourself? Set a goal. Life is about consistently challenging ourselves to be something better. We are always getting old, we can’t stop that, but we can make sure we are progressing to the greatness we are called to.

Thank you for sharing your time with me this past year. Thank you for your encouragement and support, your challenges and your insight.

2015 will be a crazy year of changes and challenges regarding “Charlie Backer”. I look forward to sharing them with you in the coming weeks.

Till then, BOOM.


Standing Still

Thought standing still life is always happening around us.

In our lives we hit moments of craziness and moments of ease almost daily. But how do we capitalize on ALL of life’s moments to insure we’re striving for our best? For the month of October I’m going to be challenging myself to do ONE new thing every day that helps me become a better person. I think it’s easy for people to overlook their daily choices and just lump them into a routine of excuses. But, for this challenge I need help. I’m going to be doing a new challenge every day in October, so I need to come up with 31 different ways I can challenge myself to become a better person. Here are some examples of some potential daily challenges: Never say “no” when my son wants me to play or read with him, surprise my wife with a random act of kindness, write a list of everything I’m thankful for, write a blog expressing the GOOD things in my life, or volunteer to help a cause that means a lot to me..etc.

This is just a list of potential challenges. Once I collect all 31 challenges I will write them on pieces of paper and fold them up and place them in a bowl. Each evening I will pick one challenge out randomly, and that will be the challenge for the next day. If at the end of the day I feel that that day’s challenge really helped me then I will try to add it to be my daily routine.  The goal of this challenge is to step outside my current routine and to find ways to be a better husband, father, son, friend and worker. Life is not meant to only be remembered fondly when we are older, but is something that should be intentionally lived moment to moment. I will embrace this challenge with my full heart and share with you all that happens: the good, the bad, and the amazing. There will be many BOOMs along the way, and I pray that on day 31 I can look back and say “I did it and I’m a better person now because of it.” As always, it is my hope that people going through similar things in their life will found inspiration and motivation through this challenge.

So please, share this link, give me your input, your suggestions and your challenges. Feel free to comment here or send me an email ‘”



Life is happening around you, it doesn't pause.

Life is happening around you, it doesn’t pause.


Take a deep breath. Close your eyes. Relax.

Throughout the craziness of our lives, we are constantly bombarded with sounds, requests and needs. It seems that no matter how busy we may be, there’s always something MORE we need to do.

Since having our second child this past November, my life has changed. My responsibilities have increased, my expectations have increased, but I haven’t really changed that much, I’ve adapted.  It seems that no matter what life may throw in our path, there is always a way to succeed.   No matter how stressful or tiresome certain aspects of our day-to-day activities may be, life ALWAYS finds a way to happen. Realize that whether you choose to embrace the moment and conquer it, or ignore it, life WILL always happen. We ALWAYS have a chance to BE the best we can possibly be, in each and every moment, whether big or small. So TAKE charge of your life. If you’re going to be stressed out, or happy, or sad, be THAT! BE YOU!

So many times we hear stories of those older than us, saying that they wished they would have done this, or wished they would have said that. Life has no rewind button. It has no pause. It’s continually on play. How are you going to let your life play out? Don’t live in regret or fear, but have the faith and hope that you’re doing your best.

Now: Take a deep breath. Close your eyes. Relax. Realize that no matter how prepared you may be, or how weak you may feel, life will always be happening no matter how much we’re ready for it. Be strong in that you’re the ONLY one that can live this life.

Live it. Love it. Be you. Boom!


Greatness is something that is innate and basic to your being. If you don’t push yourself, no one will ever know what amazingness is there.

Greatness is something that is innate and basic to your being. If you don’t push yourself, no one will ever know what amazingness is there.

What holds you back? My guess is that you can probably write a HUGE list of reasons: Your parents, your spouse, your friends, your busyness, your education, your race, your age, your health, your location, your appearance, your smell. But. In all reality, it’s none of those. The reason you aren’t where you want to be, is because you’ve allowed yourself to be held back by yourself. You haven’t “Carpe Diem’d” your life. It’s easy to hold yourself back. It’s easy to blame others. Living in a comfort zone is easy, it’s simple, it’s not challenging, and it doesn’t push you outside your limits. But, are you growing? Are you bettering yourself? Are you becoming the great person you were meant to be? Doubtful. If you find yourself making excuses, then make some goals. But don’t only make goals; give your body a path for success. For each goal you make, give yourself 3 points on how you can achieve it. Envision the bad things that may come up, and write ways or reasons how you can overcome them. If you’re not living to your fullest, and pushing yourself, then no one will ever know the greatness for which you are. Don’t ever forget that you are great. And that there’s a special thing inside of you that no one else possess, there are special gifts and abilities that only YOU have. Allow yourself to be great. Realize that you can be great. Show that you are great, and greatness will be shown, realized and inspired to all you meet.  You owe it to yourself to be the best you can be. You don’t owe it to anyone else. Remember that: Greatness is something that is innate and basic to your being. If you don’t push yourself, no one will ever know what amazingness is there.

Sometimes we don't notice our path until we look back at our steps.

Sometimes we don’t realize our path until we look back at our steps.

The other night, my wife and I had some friends over to play  cards.  As we were playing, and talking, and interacting, my mind hit an interesting point: This is my life. This moment is what I’m currently living.  It can be so easy to get bogged down on living that we forget to live.

Are you type of person that doesn’t really realize what happened until afterwards? I can be like that at times. I can remember hosting get togethers and focusing so much on making sure people are comfortable, and worrying about X, Y, or Z, that I forget to enjoy it. Sometimes we get so wrapped up in the doing of life that we forget to do. We get so mesmerized by the actions of life that we forget to act.

Life is meant to be lived, and experienced and enjoyed. There will be moments that will pass by without much fanfare, but don’t let all your moments be swept under the rug to be remembered fondly years down the road. Challenge yourself to be here, now. Be present in your own life.

just remember the good times, the good moments, and the greatness that is life. We can choose to avoid the storms and stay in our comfort zone, or we can choose to weather the storms and aim for greatness. I choose greatness.

If a tree falls when no one is around, does it make any noise?

Of course it does! You know why? Because it’s a tree! And when a tree falls, it makes noise. The tree doesn’t make noise because someone is around it, but rather, because it’s a tree. We need to view our dreams and passions similar to the tree. If our dreams are never realized, and our passions never fulfilled, will anyone know? Will anyone care? No. Expecting the world to love you because you have dreams is like expecting the tree to be silent when it crashes, that just doesn’t happen. Our lives, our dreams, our passions, are meant to be realized and remembered, not hidden and unknown.

The next time a voice in your head tells you to “be quiet about your dreams and passions”, just ignore it. Tell that thought, “Shut up, trees do make noise even if people aren’t around.” When fear enters our thoughts, it corrupts our dreams and paralyzes our passions. Fear is good at stopping dreams from being realized by convincing you that it’s silly, or stupid, or unattainable. But you know what’s more powerful than fear and its lies? Passion. Your passion is like a fire for your dreams. If you allow it to grow and build, it will spread like a wildfire. So, then next time a scary thought crosses your thoughts, or a doubting voice questions your next move, just take a deep breath, and carry on. The journey to you dream is going to get hard. It’s not all sunny days and roses. You’ll have the great days, but as someone once said “You can’t have the rainbows without the storms.”

Our lives are filled with storms; some big, some small and some we don’t even notice. But throughout it all, as long as we stand strong with our eyes focused on our dreams and our body fueled by our passions you will weather each and every storm. And when you reach your dream, it will have been because of the stormy days that you can appreciate the blue skies.  We take things for granted because we don’t appreciate their purpose. Take a moment to realize the greatness in your life, in yourself and your surroundings. And when the next storm hits, and you’re being pelted by all sides, just remember the good times, the good moments, and the greatness that is life. We can choose to avoid the storms and stay in our comfort zone, or we can choose to weather the storms and aim for greatness. I choose greatness.

A dream not shared is merely a bunch of thoughts trapped in your mind.

A dream not shared is merely a bunch of thoughts trapped in your mind.

What is image? When you look into a mirror, what do you see about yourself? Remember that image! Now, when the world looks at you, what do they see? Sometimes the difference between our vision and the world’s can be quite different. I’m sure you’re a great person with wonderful dreams and insights, and ambitions, but if you don’t share it with the world, how will anyone ever know? What if Mozart never learned to play the piano? We wouldn’t have such beautiful arrangements. What if Michelangelo never painted? We wouldn’t have such inspiring works of art. What if YOU never did what you were suppose to do? We would never know the difference. Think about that for a moment: if Mozart never learned the piano, and never wrote music, WE would never have known the greatness that he possessed. Similarly so to Michelangelo.

People have a crazy idea that their dreams are meant for themselves, or their own nighttime slumber. They are completely wrong. A dream not shared is merely a bunch of thoughts trapped in your head. However, a dream shared, a dream released from your thoughts, from your fears, becomes something real. And in that moment, when a dream enters into reality, something amazing can happen. It can come true! It can manifest itself into something that even the dreamer couldn’t imagine. The power of dreams is that they allow us to see things about ourselves that we can’t believe quite yet, or we can’t understand. Do you think Michelangelo knew he was going to paint the Sistine chapel? And that it would be visited by millions of people every year, even after his death? Doubtful.

Look back into that mirror. Now what do you see? If you see a dreamer with dreams not yet shared or realized, speak! If you see the world’s image of you as different than that of yourself, change it; show the world that DREAMS can come true. But, another great thing about dreams is that with sharing, other dreamers can come to help you with your dream, as you help others find theirs. Share this amazing and incredible life with others. Help others dream. And dreams will come true.

If I can help you with your dream, let me know.


Show the world who YOU are, not let the world define you.

Show the world who YOU are,  do not let the world define you.


We only have one chance at this life. There are no do overs, no second chances, no mulligans. Always remember that each step you take is the only time you can make that decision.  It’s not worth wasting your time questioning a past step. We get so wrapped up in the past that we neglect to live the present. Who do you want to be? Do you want to be someone that always worries about what they did? Or someone that embraces what they do?

Embrace today, and hope that it’s the best for tomorrow. I think that if people truly realized the greatness of the gift of choice, they would choose their decisions better, their steps.  I don’t’ know where I see myself in 5 years, let alone one month.  But I do have hope that it’ll be where I’m supposed to be. I hope to be a better person, and I strive to be one daily. We all have our failings, and we can either let them be a handicap that holds us back, or merely a hurdle we need to overcome. For in overcoming something, you change and become something greater. I hope that one day my writings or actions may inspire others to take the challenge and better themselves. The focus simply needs to be on that “one next step”. In the time it takes to make a step, like a second, think how much POWER you have to stay the course or change direction. We are faced with so many choices throughout the day that define who we are.  Define yourself.

The world will always try to define us, but we must be strong and SHOW the world who we are.