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The Four Fs for 2016

January 4, 2016 — Leave a comment
Every journey starts with a single step. Initiate your life.

Every journey starts with a single step. Initiate your life.

Faith, Family, Fitness and Finance.

I was leaving Church yesterday, and was thinking about all the “goals” I had for 2016. Some were easy, some were difficult, some were intense, others were simple. I was talking to my wife, Kelly, a few weeks ago about goals and resolutions. As one who has set some pretty lofty goals and atypical resolutions, I was GREAT at setting goals….but my success rate for achieving every goal was not as high as I would like. So, it got me thinking. This was the “ah ha” moment of 2015. Instead of focusing on what new resolutions to make for 2016, what if I went back and looked at goals and resolutions of the past and figured out why I failed. It’s an interesting thought to return to your failures and count your steps to figure out which left should have been a right, or vice versa.  So, that’s what I started doing. Though I had had the thought of “figuring out why I didn’t achieve goals in the past”, it didn’t really resonate with me until I was leaving Church. Instantly I saw my goals in the past grouped into four areas. I had the focus to not only create goals for 2016, but also priorities. Goals are typically something that has a finite end. For instance: l want to lose 15 pounds, well, once I hit that number, my goal is achieved. Priorities, on the other hand, have no end. So, I listed my top priorities in order of importance: Faith, Family, Fitness and Finance. We all have priorities in life, even if we don’t acknowledge them when we create goals.

Let me break down how you should try and see priorities vs goals in your daily life, and how each of the four fs impacts it, challenges it, and improves it.

One of my goals is to be a better parent. To do this I must first be present and active in my children’s lives. Right here we have the priorities of “Family” and “Fitness”. The family one is obvious, but fitness? If I don’t take care of myself physically, eat right etc, I won’t be as active in my children’s lives as much as I should be. Finance also plays a role in this goal. If I can’t pay the bills, my children don’t eat. As far as Faith? Faith is my rock when I’m scared, it’s my hope when I’m lost, it’s my strength when I’m holds me together.

Breaking down goals into priorities allows you to be successful where previously you may have failed. Let your priorities guide your daily actions, and your goals will be the sum of those actions. 

2016 will be focused upon the four f’s. I hope you’ll join me on this new journey, and I look forward to sharing, growing, and setting new heights with you!


Standing Still

Thought standing still life is always happening around us.

In our lives we hit moments of craziness and moments of ease almost daily. But how do we capitalize on ALL of life’s moments to insure we’re striving for our best? For the month of October I’m going to be challenging myself to do ONE new thing every day that helps me become a better person. I think it’s easy for people to overlook their daily choices and just lump them into a routine of excuses. But, for this challenge I need help. I’m going to be doing a new challenge every day in October, so I need to come up with 31 different ways I can challenge myself to become a better person. Here are some examples of some potential daily challenges: Never say “no” when my son wants me to play or read with him, surprise my wife with a random act of kindness, write a list of everything I’m thankful for, write a blog expressing the GOOD things in my life, or volunteer to help a cause that means a lot to me..etc.

This is just a list of potential challenges. Once I collect all 31 challenges I will write them on pieces of paper and fold them up and place them in a bowl. Each evening I will pick one challenge out randomly, and that will be the challenge for the next day. If at the end of the day I feel that that day’s challenge really helped me then I will try to add it to be my daily routine.  The goal of this challenge is to step outside my current routine and to find ways to be a better husband, father, son, friend and worker. Life is not meant to only be remembered fondly when we are older, but is something that should be intentionally lived moment to moment. I will embrace this challenge with my full heart and share with you all that happens: the good, the bad, and the amazing. There will be many BOOMs along the way, and I pray that on day 31 I can look back and say “I did it and I’m a better person now because of it.” As always, it is my hope that people going through similar things in their life will found inspiration and motivation through this challenge.

So please, share this link, give me your input, your suggestions and your challenges. Feel free to comment here or send me an email ‘”



Even though your life may change, doesn't mean your dreams stop.

When life changes, let your dreams grow, not go.

How quickly life changes.  I remember when my wife and I got married, it seemed like we had all the time in the world. Once we had our son, life got a bit crazier. Now, we have a beautiful baby girl.  I knew that once our daughter was born, that my time and focus would shift from pursuing my dreams to my wonderful reality.   Too many times, I’ve let life run me over like a freight train. I’ve realized that through proper planning and execution, life doesn’t have to be any more crazy than it’s suppose to be.

In preparation for our daughter’s birth, I had numerous blog posts written and ready, so I could focus on what mattered most, without neglecting my blogging. I didn’t really know what to expect on the time-management side of things. I figured that I’d have time throughout the day to read and write, and prepare my blogs and videos. But, life doesn’t always work out like you plan.
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Greatness is something that is innate and basic to your being. If you don’t push yourself, no one will ever know what amazingness is there.

Greatness is something that is innate and basic to your being. If you don’t push yourself, no one will ever know what amazingness is there.

What holds you back? My guess is that you can probably write a HUGE list of reasons: Your parents, your spouse, your friends, your busyness, your education, your race, your age, your health, your location, your appearance, your smell. But. In all reality, it’s none of those. The reason you aren’t where you want to be, is because you’ve allowed yourself to be held back by yourself. You haven’t “Carpe Diem’d” your life. It’s easy to hold yourself back. It’s easy to blame others. Living in a comfort zone is easy, it’s simple, it’s not challenging, and it doesn’t push you outside your limits. But, are you growing? Are you bettering yourself? Are you becoming the great person you were meant to be? Doubtful. If you find yourself making excuses, then make some goals. But don’t only make goals; give your body a path for success. For each goal you make, give yourself 3 points on how you can achieve it. Envision the bad things that may come up, and write ways or reasons how you can overcome them. If you’re not living to your fullest, and pushing yourself, then no one will ever know the greatness for which you are. Don’t ever forget that you are great. And that there’s a special thing inside of you that no one else possess, there are special gifts and abilities that only YOU have. Allow yourself to be great. Realize that you can be great. Show that you are great, and greatness will be shown, realized and inspired to all you meet.  You owe it to yourself to be the best you can be. You don’t owe it to anyone else. Remember that: Greatness is something that is innate and basic to your being. If you don’t push yourself, no one will ever know what amazingness is there.

Simply be you.

November 5, 2013 — Leave a comment
Live simply or Simply live?

Live simply or Simply live?

I’m a bit of a coffee drinker. I used to use coffee as an “energy booster”, but not anymore. I enjoy the taste, the heat and the memories of drinking coffee.  The great thing about coffee is that we have so many ways to enjoy it, or spice it up. We can add cream, sugar or just simply drink it black.  But, isn’t life like coffee sometimes? Coffee by itself is great! But, sometimes we feel we need to add something to make it better. The new philosophy I’ve taken in life, or I guess has over-taken me, is to focus on the now and focus on the simple. In our culture of technologies and “last minute” sales, we can get distracted and inundated with thinking that we must have some thing in order to live our lives more fully.

We are born with most everything we need to live an amazing life. We must feed, clothe and shelter ourselves, but outside of that, do we really need all these crazy possessions?  By no means am I saying that I’m going to take a vow of poverty, but I believe we are all called to live simply. How does the quote go: Don’t live simply, but simply live? When we focus on the now, we realize that what’s behind us and what’s ahead of us, doesn’t have ahold upon this moment, this breath and this conversation.

So, the next time you’re enjoying a cup of coffee, actually enjoy it. If we take the time to slow down and enjoy the smell, the taste and the warmth of the coffee, maybe this simple appreciation will overflow into our lives.  Sometimes life needs a little sugar, but whether you’re enjoying it as it is, or adding something, always try to remember that each moment is a part of your life. To live life simply, means to slow down and appreciate each sip, and each moment of your day.

“Charlie was invited to be our program speaker during a recent Rotary luncheon.  His talk was thought provoking, entertaining and well received by the audience.  Charlie is an excellent orator and provided insight to challenges we face in our business and our personal lives.  His energy and upbeat personality are infectious and help to engage the audience as he delivered his message. ”

Travis Liebig

President, Clayton-Ladue Rotary Club

Sometimes it's the simple moments in life, that become the most memorable.

Sometimes it’s the simple moments in life, that become the most memorable.

The easiest time to relax is when life is calm. The easiest time to think is when life is silent. The best time to live is now. Our lives get so crazy at times, that we forget that each moment is a part of our life: whether busy or slow, hectic or calm, it’s life.  I find myself coming back to the issue of “now” time and time again. Our lives get crazy, and it’s almost like we forget that we’re living it until the craziness calms down and we’re like, “WOW! I can’t believe that happened.” I’ve found myself doing that more times now, than ever before in my life. Is it just a way our bodies handle crazy times, we sort of just ‘fast forward’ through moments? No matter what the case is, I don’t want to fast forward through my life.

It seems that life dictates that we wait 5 years before proceeding to our next step. For example, say you’re wanting to go back to school, some times our minds push us to wait a bit for the time to be right. Or, say we need to lose a few pounds, our minds tell us to wait till after the holidays, Or, we want to achieve our dreams, our bodies and minds team up to give us a number of excuses and reasons to why we aren’t ready, to why we shouldn’t do it now.

Change is hard. New is different. But, in it all, at the end of our lives, no matter how fast our moments may pass by, no matter how long we wait to achieve our dreams, our life is happening all around us.

I spent Sunday lying in bed with my wife and 2-year-old son as they napped. As I lay there, I thought of how much CHANGE happens in life. In less than two weeks, my wife is going to deliver our daughter, and our simple family is growing.  A tear rolled down my face as I watched them sleep. Just 23 months ago we were blessed with our beautiful son Carson.  Where once he was just a baby, now he’s grown into a wild, running and happy little boy.

Take time to count your blessings today, because too often when we WANT to count them, it’s too late.