A simple way to figure out if your dreams have come true

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A dream not shared is merely a bunch of thoughts trapped in your mind.

A dream not shared is merely a bunch of thoughts trapped in your mind.

What is image? When you look into a mirror, what do you see about yourself? Remember that image! Now, when the world looks at you, what do they see? Sometimes the difference between our vision and the world’s can be quite different. I’m sure you’re a great person with wonderful dreams and insights, and ambitions, but if you don’t share it with the world, how will anyone ever know? What if Mozart never learned to play the piano? We wouldn’t have such beautiful arrangements. What if Michelangelo never painted? We wouldn’t have such inspiring works of art. What if YOU never did what you were suppose to do? We would never know the difference. Think about that for a moment: if Mozart never learned the piano, and never wrote music, WE would never have known the greatness that he possessed. Similarly so to Michelangelo.

People have a crazy idea that their dreams are meant for themselves, or their own nighttime slumber. They are completely wrong. A dream not shared is merely a bunch of thoughts trapped in your head. However, a dream shared, a dream released from your thoughts, from your fears, becomes something real. And in that moment, when a dream enters into reality, something amazing can happen. It can come true! It can manifest itself into something that even the dreamer couldn’t imagine. The power of dreams is that they allow us to see things about ourselves that we can’t believe quite yet, or we can’t understand. Do you think Michelangelo knew he was going to paint the Sistine chapel? And that it would be visited by millions of people every year, even after his death? Doubtful.

Look back into that mirror. Now what do you see? If you see a dreamer with dreams not yet shared or realized, speak! If you see the world’s image of you as different than that of yourself, change it; show the world that DREAMS can come true. But, another great thing about dreams is that with sharing, other dreamers can come to help you with your dream, as you help others find theirs. Share this amazing and incredible life with others. Help others dream. And dreams will come true.

If I can help you with your dream, let me know.



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